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Judgement Information System (Supreme Court Of India).

  The Judgments Information system consists of the Judgments of the Supreme court of India and several High Courts. In the case of the Supreme Court all reported Judgments which are published in SCR Journal, since its inception i.e. 1950 till date are available. The Judgments reported in SCR till 1993 also have head-notes. The judgments reported in SCR in 1994 and later have only text of judgments with out head-notes.

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Case Status-Disposed and Pending Cases.

  Case Status site provides the latest status of a case either pending or disposed by the Supreme Court or any other High Court in the country. The required information is derived from the databases of the concerned courts. It also provides Daily orders & these orders are available as soon as the orders are signed by the court. .

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High Court Causelists and Judgements