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The e-Courts scheme aims ICT enablement of the lower courts across the country in their functioning. The project envisages deployment of hardware, software and networking to assist district and taluka courts in streamlining their day to day functioning. Key functions such as case filing, allocation, registration, case workflow, orders and judgments will be IT-enabled. Causelists, Case status, orders, judgments will be available on the web and made accessible to litigants, advocates, and general public. The project aims to build a national grid of key judicial information available 24 X 7 in a reliable and secure manner.
The Key Service Levels to be achieved by this project, for litigant public, are:
*Registration of case: by auto-generated case numbers
*Copies of Judgment: judgments would be made available through web
*Preparation and delivery of decrees: Decree should be made available to the concerned parties by e-mail, where ever applicable
*Generation of automated cause list: Within an hour of conclusion of court service daily
*Generation of court diaries: Automated diaries
*Availability of Case status: Online 'case status' right from filing of a case till it gets disposed
*Generation of daily orders: As soon as the Judge signs the order and edited by the Court Master
*Website for each court: Every court will have its own website